The Actelen Filter 180 is mounted before the fuel filter and is powered by a battery. The fuel passes between metal electrodes in a special reactor, where it is exposed to a high-voltage electric field in an oxygen-free environment. This increases the energy of the molecules, which contributes to their faster combustion in the cylinders. The device has an intelligent system for measuring the quality and quantity of fuel which is fed the highest permissible voltage for the particular fuel with the lowest power consumption. Through this activation method, the fuel processes 100% of the fuel molecules, which significantly improves and accelerates the combustion process. Any items in the fuel that hinder the combustion process and form a large part of emissions in the exhaust gases are combined into larger molecules and are caught by the fuel filter. As the fuel passes through the high-voltage electric field, the spectrogram shows new lines that are typical of the carbonyl compounds of benzene. Lines of hydroxyl radicals (OH) appear, too. The high-voltage processing of the diesel fuel causes a consolidation of the sulfur particles to more than 5 mkm, allowing them to be captured in the fuel filter. This leads to a significant reduction of sulfur oxides in the exhaust gases.

Proven Results by AF 180


Reducing the black carbon in the exhaust gas – up to 55%


– Reduces the consumption…
– Stable work with low quality fuel


Increased engine power
up to 15%