Electronic Fuel Filter & Activator

  • Reduce fuel Consumption
  • Reduce Exhaust Emission
  • Improve Engine Performance
  • Increase Power
  • Extend Engine Life up to 50%
  • Activates fuel by passing it through a reactor
  • Monitors the flow rate, temperature and other essential parameters to dynamically configure reactors parameters in order to achieve optimal ionization
  • The energy of the molecules increases which help them to burn faster

Key Benefits

  • Improves fuel burn ratio to100% resulting in reduced consumption (9 to 16%) and pollution
  • Increases diesel cetane number, allowing for use of lower cost diesel fuel (low Cetane’s number) and get same performance as more expensive fuel 
  • Significant Savings in vehicle maintenance: Spark plugs, nozzles, valves and injector or carburetor
  • Extends life of the cylinder-piston group by upto 50%
  • Reduces soot particles in the exhaust gas
  • No running costs: no additional materials/ chemicals are required.


Actelen has been developed for a wide range of internal combustion engines for vehicles, construction, agricultural, locomotives, ships and other specialized transport equipment.

The device works effectively on all types of cars regardless of brand, model and engine.

Proven Results by Actelen

  • Reduces fuel consumption by 9% to16%
  • Improves engine power up to 15%
  • Increase dynamics up to 9%
  • Reduce black carbon in the exhaust – up to 55%