Actelen Filter 180

Activates the fuel in internal combustion engine, which lead to reduced fuel consumption, improved engine performance, increases its power, extended service life and significantly improves the enviromental performance of the exhaust gases.

Why does every diesel engine need the Actelen Filter 180 Advantage?

  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Improves Engine Performance
  • Minimizes Exhaust Emission
  • Extends Engine’s Life

Proven Results by AF 180


– Reducing the black carbon in the exhaust gas – up to 55%


– Reduces the consumption of fuel
– Stable work with low quality fuel


– Increased engine power
up to 15%

How Does It Work?

  • Increases the molecules’ energy, which helps them burn faster in the cylinder.
  • Activates the fuel in the internal combustion engine’s fuel system by monitoring the flow rate, temperature and other essential fuel characteristics data.
  • Changes the reactor’s parameters dynamically to achieve optimal ionization.
  • Processes 100% of the fuel molecules, which greatly improves and accelerates the combustion process.
  • Reduces the soot particles in the exhaust gas.


Actelen has been developed for a wide range of internal combustion engines for vehicles, construction, agricultural machinery and equipment, locomotives, ships and other specialized transport equipment.

The device works effectively on all types of cars regardless of brand, model and engine.